Better Late Than Never

Never in a hundred years did I think I’d be singing the praises of audio books. A quick take on my transformation is on today’s Necessary Madness blog post, “The Spoken Word.” My publisher would yell at me if I didn’t ask you to sample the audio from Talece Brown for Vanishing Point:

Paperback for VP or Connected Underneath (published under Linda Legters) would also be just fine!

Betrayal, Passion, Secrets, and Truth: Vanishing Point Audio Book Available Now!

What will you listen to today while you’re working out, or riding the train, or getting the garden ready for winter? Vanishing Point? Actor Talece Brown captured characters perfectly. She climbed right inside Angela’s head!

The process of bringing this story to life in this way was challenging and surprising. I discovered angles and attributes I was too close to see. Congratulations to the marvelous Talece for her expert rendition. Kindly click here:

Thank you!

Back In Touch

Hello all: Thanks for checking in. Moving is complicated under any circumstances. Moving abroad, two-fold. But I’m here in Coimbra now, installed in my little apartment looking over the university and the Mondego River, eager to get back to work on new manuscripts, and to be back in touch with regular posts about life here, about learning the language — I’m happy to report I was able to order lunch yesterday completely in Portuguese, and that what I was served was exactly what I’d hoped I’d asked for! — and about the effects of new places on identity, art, attitude. I’m glad you’re here.