Vanishing Point

Angela Dunnewald’s sense of self, of direction, is fraying. She finds herself lost and alone despite a calendar full of society events, charity meetings, shopping dates, and dinners her aloof husband expects her to attend. Her best friend is a vivacious flirt, but Angela only strays when she discovers a young drifter haunting the grounds of her house. Desire to be intimate unlocks the need for achievement; Angela becomes unrecognizable to her peers and to herself. Legter’s new novel offers betrayal, passion, secrets, and truth, all from inside a world that threatens to suffocate to the vanishing point.

Praise for Vanishing Point

“Angela’s frustration that she hasn’t made the most of her life and her path toward self-acceptance ring true in this painfully beautiful tale. Fans of Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road (1961) rejoice. A heartbreaking and exquisite story about emotional violence.”

                      – Kirkus Reviews

“The story is one of passion found, love lost . . . It is one that does not shy away from mistakes, from the lies we tell each other, and most importantly, the ones we tell ourselves. This book’s main strength is its characters, specifically the main protagonist, and the journey she goes on to discover herself.”

  – Utopia State of Mind Book Reviews 

” . . . An intimate account of a woman who sheds a confining way of life and steps into the unknown, propelled only by an inchoate desire that takes shape through love and art. A vulnerable, authentic account of one woman’s metamorphosis. A darn good love story, too.

                    – Susan T./Amazon